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Mellow Music Festival – three days, two stages, over 30 hours of music and a few basic rules and tips for having a great time at the festival:

Mellow OPEN – the free stage by the water lilies in the Borisova Garden – is open for everyone. Please respect the park, keep it clean and green.

People under 18 will not be allowed at Mellow NIGHT. The same goes for aggressive folks and those under the influence of drugs.

We take care of transportation from the Borisova Garden to the night stage at Inter Expo Center (147 Tzarigradsko Shosse Blvd), look around for information and schedule on the spot.

Please leave behind all liquids, food, weapons, drugs, unauthorized professional cameras and pets.

Mellow Muisc Festival will have its own currency – Mellow money. It will be sold near the bars at the two stages. One unit of Mellow money equals 2 BGN or 1 EUR.

Both stages will be equipped to facilitate all your needs and support your good mood – food and drinks at reasonable prices, WC’s, fabulous sound, etc.

And here are a few more tips and tricks for finding your way around Sofia (if you haven’t been acquainted yet). We recommend SoSofia.com for further reference and useful info.

About Sofia
The capital of Bulgaria. Roughly 2 million residents. Located in western Bulgaria, at the foot of the Vitosha mountain.

Getting there
Check out the Sofia Airport website for convenient flights. And here’s a list of the low-cost companies which fly to and from Sofia – EasyJet, Wizz Air, Sofia-International, German Wings.

Entry visas required from the following European countries: Albania, Kosovo and Turkey.

You can pretty easily get yourself fine room and board. Sofia is full of hostels at various central locations and rates. You may pick the right one for you here or here.
Hotels are more expensive than hostels. There are many options, with rates varying significantly.

The official language is Bulgarian, but most locals speak decent English.

Bulgaria is in the EU, but not in the Euro Zone yet. You cannot pay in Euro. The official currency is the Bulgarian lev (BGN). One lev is 100 stotinki (the coins). One Euro is about 2 levs. Many places accept credit cards. We recommend you exchange your currency at a bank.

Oceanic climate, near the boundary of the humid continental. Average May temperatures around 21 °C (70 °F). Spring showers not uncommon.

220 volt 50 Hz

Wireless Internet is easy to find in Sofia – most central cafes and bars offer free connection, and some parks are free wireless zones as well.

Public Transport
Sofia is notorious for its traffic. Public transportation could be a frustrating experience. In downtown Sofia we recommend you walk on foot, if not – go for the trams. One ticket is 1 lev (0,50 Euro). There are vending kiosks at the stops and vending machines in most vehicles (coins only). You can find some basic info here. The Sofia subway has one line which connects two of the suburbs and circles the downtown area. It’s the fastest way to move around. More info here.

The Sofia taxis are cheap and easy means to get around, as long as you make sure you use the services of a respectable company, and not one of the numerous cons and fakes. Check the rates stciker – if it says 0,55 – 0,70 BGN per kilometer and approximately 0,60 BGN initial charge, you’ll be fine. Always check the rates sticker BEFORE you get into the car. Wherever you go within the central area of the city the fare should not amount to more than 3-4 BGN.

Average prices
Coffee – 1 lev
Banitsa – 1 lev
Beer – 2 leva
Dinner for one – 15-25 leva
Whiskey (50 ml) – 5 leva
Cigarettes – 5 leva

We do believe in tipping, but it’s not a must. Normally, you’d leave a tip of about 10% of the bill in restaurants and taxis.

One of the unique features of the way we, Bulgarians, communicate is our nodding. Even though the whole world nods their heads up and down to say “yes,” in Bulgaria this means “no” (most of the time). And vice-versa – shaking your head sideways means “yes” (most of the time).

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask us at [email protected]

Thanks and see you soon!

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